"What is with you guys becoming absolute idiots all of a sudden when it comes to sex? It’s painful for me and everyone else to watch."

"It’s interesting, really. The purpose of sex is reproduction, and yet a handful of species—humans most prominently—take measures to drastically decrease the rate of fertilization. After billions of years of evolution, the mechanism that allowed the organismic diversity of your planet is stripped of its purpose."

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"I can grant the most impossible of wishes—even make Ken ‘attractive’ and Theodore canon! 

So, if you wish for your precious Minako or Adachi to be a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, please make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl!”



✿*゚┈ “I-If my logic is correct, then w-would I have to e-exert more magic that u-usual in order to hold a f-fight with another M-Magical Girl?” Astraea’s eyes lingered downwards, her figure palpitating with anxiety. “A-After all, you s-sealed our s-souls into our Soul G-Gems, and m-my magic is c-completely reliant on the manipulation on the nervous system.”

While she had not met an overtly belligerent Magical Girl as of yet, she feared that each passing day increasing her odds of encountering one. Would someone wielding her abilities realistically possess the capacity to defeat sapient Magical Girls? She would liken her powers to support characters in video games, potentially devastating in groups but utterly vulnerable when separated from the other party members.

"M-Magical Girls, from w-what I understand, are built to withstand pain that the n-nervous system would receive. T-Therefore, wouldn’t I be at a s-serious d-disadvantage?" Astraea utilized her abilities hedonistically, though they did not seem fit for the purposes of lone survival.

"You probably would be disadvantaged in a battle against another Magical Girl, especially a skilled one." Ruby eyes reflected the image of the stuttering, timorous female—a figure of instability wavering within his sessile vision. "As you referred to, your souls are merely a cluster of neurons that would impede your ability to fight. When extracted into a separate container, the Soul Gem, human pain tolerance increases dramatically. This equips Magical Girls with the ability to withstand blows that would normally debilitate them as a result of the numbed neural pain receptors."

His cottony tail swiveled mildly and aligned to the opposite direction, though the remainder of his lithe figure remained indiscernable from a plush toy. “On the contrary, Astraea, your abilities are centralized around the invasion of the nervous system. Much as girls whose wishes relate to healing recover from injury much faster than the average Magical Girl, your powers may similarly be augmented in that regard.” He broke his stillness by leaping onto his contractee’s shoulders, circling her head once before settling atop her trembling body.

"It’s important to note that there’s no way to predict your survivability with certainty. The true potential of magic is unclear to even the Incubators. Regardless, I don’t recommend that you risk your life to obtain an answer." Personally, the wish granter suspected that with the hallucinatory manner Astraea utilized her magic, her descent to Witchhood would progress exponentially. 

"I may or may not have made a contract for more Persona games, especially Persona 5, teehee~"

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If xemnas could plant one thought into the incubators mind it would be absolute loyalty, one to the organization, and more specifically Xemnas himself.

If you could INCEPTION my character what’s one thought you’d plant in their mind?

The pursuit of knowledge and risk were inexorably adhered; many times, the magnitude of one equilibrated the other. To the misfortune of Kyubey, his tentative foray into the realm inhabited by nothingness embodied a simple platitude: curiosity killed the cat.

When the alien divulged his ability to grant wishes to the Nobody, he found himself consumed by a dark magic that seized his consciousness as a parasite steals life.

The blood-red pigmentation in his eyes boiled away to a toxic, vile purple, and a grayness that symbolized the relativity of the universe permeated onto the whiteness of his anatomy. At the sight of the almighty Xemnas, he stepped towards the man with a careful reverence reserved for the gods.

"My services will be fixed to your desire, Master."



  • Contractsouls began to follow you.


"…Hello?" The blue haired boy stared at the…’rabbit-thing.’

From a distant loft, Kyubey had observed the passive boy. Hours passed as monochrome eyes patiently remained affixed on his figure, blue features insoluble within the red orbs.

The human’s soul captured the Incubator’s interest, his soul fluctuating in manners foreign to his knowledge. While juxtaposed to others of his species during his quiet amble, his soul resonated conspicuously among the crowd of normal civilians, like an instrument playing off-key in an otherwise harmonious orchestra.

Indeed, his reticent visage stood in contrast to the inner discord sensed by the little contractor. When the anomalous male sauntered into a relatively isolated area, the extraterrestrial departed from where he had hid and approached the adolescent.

"If I told you that you were different from the majority of humans, would you say that I was correct?"


"Heh… you’re actually right about that, Kyubey," he chuckled.

Syosuke raised a brow, a smirk on his face; he was actually a bit impressed that this creature was able to guess such a thing. “You’re quite an intelligent creature if ya’ were able to come up with something like that,” he answered. “You’re right, I’m what the humans in my world call a Shadow: a being born from the suppressed emotions of a human. So I’m the embodiment of all my others self’s suppressed emotions.”

He looked off for a moment, a thought crossing his mind—He was only a Shadow, but at this point, he was probably more than that now. The reverse Magician bared his teeth a bit, his thoughts making him a bit hostile. Looking back to Kyubey, he ran a hand through his hair and calmed himself down. “…So what can I do for ya’? It doesn’t seem that our meeting would only be coincidence, y’know?”

Curiosity beget knowledge, and knowledge beget progression.  Pure curiosity was frivolous; a waste of energy. However, with the prospect of advancement in the end, the net product would yield a far greater reward than the sacrifice required for the initial pursuit of knowledge.

"As I suspected. Now that you’ve confirmed my hypothesis, I would like to ask you for a favor, Syosuke."

Emotions were so capricious, so illogical, and incomprehensible to Kyubey beyond the scope of observational studies. Such a quality should prove detrimental to a social species, and yet it facilitated the survival of organisms possessing the fickle mentality. More significantly, the source of its indisputable power lay in within its instability—its oscillation birthed magic, a unique energy that could act as the salvation for the dying universe itself.

Before his encounter with the Shadow, the extraterrestrial had posed a possibly portentous question: What would happen if he harvested the energy of a derivative of the human soul?

"Please make a contract with me and become a Magical Boy! In exchange, I can grant you one wish, no matter how impossible it may seem."


"Everyone should follow this beautifully amazing blog with a beautifully amazing mun."


QB looked at the creature as it appeared into her rift again, a spider at the woman’s side. It desired strongly to hiss at its appearance, but its mistress demanded it keep silent for the time being. It still gave off a threatening aura, regardless of soundlessness.

"Initial data? And what might that be, pray tell? How ineffective yours are once the prices are revealed for a mere wish, or how more sentimental creatures scorn your inability to understand what they perceive to be so horrific?"

Despite the blonde’s half-condescending, half-disinterested tone, she, too, had become part of that latter half. At least, when it came to the child in her possession.


"Actually, the majority of people accept the contract immediately," Kyubey rebuffed. "I don’t understand why many consider it unfair. Isn’t it only natural that the proper payment for a wish is a curse? The universe must maintain its equilibrium. Otherwise, it would be an empty expanse of chaos."

His milky paws curled soundlessly beneath him, ears twitching as he sensed the vibrations of the desolate atmosphere. The quadrupedal visitor would sprint and launch himself towards an area where he could teleport away to safety in case the mistress of spiders decided to serve him as a meal. A single, gooey terminal lacked the proper nutrients to sustain most organisms, so his demise bestowed nothing but the pleasure of sadism that his species found difficult to comprehend.

"It’ll be a shame if he refuses to contract because of your constant discouragement—he possesses immense latent potential that could prove beneficial to the Incubators, and thus the universe." Unaware of the hubris in his high-pitched tone, the spry alien then reminded, "Well, it’s not within our bounds to force this decision. However, if his desires waver, we will be there."

Homucifer would plant the ability to feel emotions in Kyuubey's mind. Well, the ability to feel one emotion. Fear; of herself. That's it that's all she'll, she'd make Kyuubey terrified of her.

If you could INCEPTION my character what’s one thought you’d plant in their mind?

The dark magic penetrates through the form of the Incubator, swirling in an ominous presage around its prey before engraving its incantation upon the motionless, sewn visage.

Kyubey’s eyes vacated to a pallid red, vivacity whisked away into an evanescing eternity. He struggles to simply tremble, his body frozen in an incessant, frigid shudder. As if the chains of time collapsed around him, his gaze remained affixed on the vengeful demon, the former ambiguity within his stare evaporating into clear, lucid, absolute—

—so definite and accursedly pure that even the Incubator fully understood—