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Misty light drizzled against his silky form, navigating through the fields under the shade of benign sunshine. The small alien cloaked himself in invisibility as he explored the foreign world, cognizant of the emotional organisms inhabiting the spectral planet. He’d rather avoid notice, only because a particular creature had already piqued his interest.

As intelligent as he was, he still need to conduct research on the realm, specifically regarding its viability for countering entropy. Had his civilization not sought to prevent the inevitable heat death of the universe, then all life—including the inhabitants of the quirky land that he had descended upon—would perish. However, the tasseled quadruped required assistance to succeed in his goal.

The Incubator’s acute senses eventually drawn him to a being of an imposing height, inky wings sprouting from her arms and visage resembling that of an earthly green bean. More importantly, the contractor sensed definite and powerful magic flowing through the veins of her being, the very thermodynamic-defying energy that could upheave the universe into eternity.

Inactivating his invisibility, Kyubey greeted the giant witch with little reluctance. “Good afternoon, Cackletta.” Though he found malice residing in the chambers of her heart, the extraterrestrial remained calm, patiently waiting for her reaction towards his unannounced presence.