Oliver is sick in the emergency vet and its going to cost so much money. Please help!

He has congestive heart failure and mycoplasma haemofelis. Tabitha and I are begging at this point for any kind of monetary help. If she ends up not being able to pay his medical bills, she has to give him up and still watch him die. This is her best friend, and she has know him since his birth. Oliver means the world to her. If you don’t know, Tabitha suffers from major depression and Oliver has more then once saved her because of him being there with her. Please don’t let money come between such an amazing companionship, anything will help even the change in your pocket. His medical bill so far is going to cost two thousand dollars. Her mother and her can’t cover his first medical bill of 500 dollars. Let alone this bill that is still raising because he is still in the emergency vet hospital in an oxygen tank. Basically he’s got two virus’ now and both are deadly. Tabitha has lost her 3rd job this year and its just her and her mom. All of their money is going to Oliver, it isn’t enough and nothing is left for rent or their other bills.